The E-M-P of Commerce in India, Electronic, Digital, Media, Mobile, e-Pay (Online) and a lot more is yet to come in modern e-Commerce and internet evolution. When comfort becomes necessity, innovation knocks the door.

India came into interaction with e-commerce in 2002 by IRCTC Ticket Booking System. In 2004, eBay tried to enter Indian markets, but result was worse than expected. Following this trend in 2007, Flipkart started a revolutionary model of e/m-commerce which is now competing head-on with global players like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba for approx 500+ M active internet users across India.

After a great success of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Indian e/m-commerce market has become a Golden ball for local as well as international investors. Even it provoked a lot of international markets & business to invest in India and it’s economical/technological understanding and relative growth.

Entrepreneurship trends and M/SMEs in India are giving a boost to form electronic/mobile/online markets that is resulting into parting a big share of employment and hope. Digital transformation is going on,55% of Indian population own smartphones and using social media, internet services.

But, are we satisfied and happy overall with the tailored experience we are getting? Are these e-m-p-commerce markets are really helping us in a long run?

It will be quite interesting to see the up-gradations of digital, mobile and electronic markets at global stakes and standards. Technically, categorization is taking place. Markets like, Electronics, Mobiles & Pay (Online) have been varying to sectors starting from appliances,apparel, retail, travel, services, tourism, furniture, home-decor etc etc.

Digital empowerment, virtual reality & cyber-socialism are shaping us into clueless apes. Intelligent but busy, limited and lazy. With AI(artificial intelligence) taking over (control) in most of the operations and productions/manufacturing for businesses, soon might have a new problem or situation to face.

Our generations have been experiencing and enjoying a lot over technological shits and knowledge transitions from the past and trying to shape future for better. The journey has been phenomenal so far. Users/Consumers are getting everything they deserve.

But for Good? or bad? we are not much sure yet.