Everyone is talking about our digital limitations respective to cloud, Internet and Things we are using increasingly. In India only if we talk, there is approximately 65-70% of the population who have no interest in online, web (virtual) world.

The real thing is, we want everything in hand, we want comfort above all of it. Using internet now a days has been bounded to a ‘5 minute visit on Facebook’ or posting ‘selfies on Instagram’ to checking tweets frequently. According to numbers of a survey, India shares 10% of world’s Internet users. But is their really such a world of internet and things which is been used properly by us to evolve in the system.

Every meaning of our “achievement” is presently, definitely related to faster communications in life. Everybody now has the chance to adapt their aptitudes from the full-time specialist ‘searching for extra salary’ to the ones hobbyist ‘constructing their exceptional business ideas’. Internet and Innovation in supplies through all world wide digital mediums have taken the evolution steps ahead.

If we talk about business significance of internet and things, electronics and E-commerce revolutions in India, it has already crossed the barriers of $15 b and is expected to touch $20+ b by the end of 2017. India e-retail market is the fastest  growing market in world with over 0.2 million users joining per day.

People are becoming addictive to internet & things. We are now using technology as a medium and scope of true inventions is dependent on ‘the help’. Actually, no one cares if these information clouds we are getting are completely right!

Thanks to the internet and things, It has become next to a utility for us.

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